Sunday, 8 July 2012


 Have the lights gone out? Is a socket or appliance not working? Here are some simple suggestions as to what might be wrong.

The lights aren’t working
If your wall or ceiling light won’t come on it’s either a blown bulb or a problem with the circuit. If it’s just a bulb then the lights in the other rooms will be working. If it is a circuit problem then all the lights on the circuit will be out.

Blown bulb – make sure the light is off. Wait for the bulb to cool down, and change it for a new one of the correct size.

Circuit – find and open your fusebox. Most homes have two lighting circuits, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Check if the circuit breaker has turned off. If it has, reset it by switching it back on. The lights should now work.

Note: most modern circuit breakers are sensitive and a bulb blowing can easily trip them.
If resetting the circuit breaker does not work, call us

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