Friday, 15 August 2014

Got a Tesco Hudl - it has a data reset flaw

Data saved to a Tesco Hudl is vulnerable to recovery thanks to a bug in its core processor
Hiding data by using a factory reset option does little to delete potentially sensitive information, suggest researchers.

Three separate investigations of Android's data deleting systems found it was possible to recover information.

In some cases, a reset just removed the list of where data was stored and deleted nothing else.
In particular, Tesco's Hudl tablet was found to have a flaw that let attackers get at data saved to onboard memory.

All the investigations used second-hand devices sold via auction sites such as eBay.

There is a known bug in the Rockchip processor at its heart.

All modern gadgets can be flipped into a "flash mode" so the onboard firmware can be updated and data written to the device.

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