Saturday, 30 August 2014

Merc in the US offers free spin in an electric car to anyone who sends a ‘Yo’ for the Electricurious

Mercedes Benz has hit on a novel way to stimulate interest in its range of smart electric cars, by offering a free ride in one to anyone who sends them a ‘Yo’ using an app.

From noon today in San Francisco pop-up signs will appear in the city’s Mission and SoMa districts inviting passersby to send out a ‘Yo’ to ‘smartUSA’. Anyone who does so will be invited for a spin on the spot to wherever they wish to travel (within city limits).

Mercedes-Benz spokesman Eric Angeloro, explained: “The main priority is to get people to drive the vehicle, and tapping into that Yo audience is a great way to do that. We’re giving ‘Electricurious’ San Franciscans the world’s first-ever Yo-powered test ride.”

We wonder when it will happen in the UK?

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