Sunday, 17 August 2014

Smart technology could help the disabled

We have touched on this before how the new Tech can help the disabled

We have been fitting various add on's for the deaf including vibrating pagers that tell you when the door bell rings or more importantly the smoke alarm sounds.

Deaf people always remember the first time a new technology came on the scene, and made life just that little bit easier in a hearing world. now with this new emerging technology it has the possibility a whole new raft of extra freedoms.

The idea Television subtitles, text phones, the advent of the internet and texting all seem old hat compared to what coming.

When I  first heard about Google Glass I did a blog about 'duck face' but also I was rather selfishly excited about what it could do for me, but the possibilities for the deaf are with Live subtitling 24/7 and calling up an in-vision interpreter at the touch of a button.

Remarkably both seemed imminently possible.

One company - 121 Captions working with Microlink is already working on this & the R&D is looking great.

Samsung and Microsoft are developing their own forms of smart glass and wearable technology which should open up the market to more affordable tech and it will also push innovation. Do you think the I-phone would have been developed as fast if there wasn't the Samsung Galaxy?

We are waiting for a lot of exciting tech firsts to come - how about google glass that talks to the deaf as a guide dog. then has a map to get you round and character recognition to read labels

Imagine the freedom of driving to Tesco in a driverless car and doing your own shopping, making all your own choices.

Exciting times and more Freedom is coming and it cant come too soon. The possibilities are real.

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