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Supplies to Multi-Occupied Buildings - UK power networks advice

Document Number: EDS 08-0118 Addendum

Version: 2.0

Date: 01/08/2014

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EDS 08-0118 V2.0 Supplies to Multi-Occupied Buildings - Addendum.
This addendum has been produced to provide clarification and guidance on:
Section 5.2 – Intake Position; regarding the provision of multiple LV intakes at a single
intake position;
Section 9 – Fire Fighting Supply Arrangements; providing clarification of the UK Power
Networks position.
This addendum should be read in conjunction with the published EDS 08-0118; where there
is conflict with the existing standards, this addendum takes precedent.
5.2.1 Multiple intakes for EDS 08-0143 supplies

A building network supplied in accordance with EDS 08-0143 may have more than one
service and cut-out within the single intake position. All supplies (new and existing) shall be:
 Located no further than 5m apart, in an adjoining room if required, and include
appropriate labelling to ensure an operative can easily identify all supplies in an

 Installed with the appropriate method of earthing, including bonding where necessary, to
avoid the diversion of neutral/earth current throughout the fabric of the building.

 Installed and suitably protected to preclude any possibility of parallels across UK Power
Networks’ network, to prevent the passage of fault current through a customer’s
equipment, overload of incoming supplies, and the inadvertent electrification of a network
deemed to be isolated.

Note: UK Power Networks cannot guarantee enhanced security of supply from the LV
distribution network.

Additional supplies for segregated networks within an existing building of common metallic
framework or shared metallic services shall be supplied in accordance with section 8.
For further guidance on earthing systems refer to EDS 06-0017.

9 Fire Fighting Supply Arrangements
UK Power Networks is unable to provide fire fighting supplies that comply with the
requirements of BS 9999:2008.

Should a customer require an additional supply as part of the design, this shall be offered in
line with the guidance in section 5.2.1.

Addendum References
BS 9999:2008 Code of Practice for Fire Safety in the Design, Management and Use of
EDS 06-0017 Customer Installation Earthing Design

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