Thursday, 7 August 2014

The green Deal windows are closing...

The Government has announced it is closing the GDHIF after a surge in applications meant the £120 million cashback fund was swallowed up quicker than expected. A reported £70 million went in just two days from just under 10,000 applicants.

“The government was very clear on the fact that the pot available was limited,” commented NICEIC’s sector specialist Dani Putney.

“But like everyone within the industry we were surprised at how quickly the cashback fund was eaten up,

“It was especially disappointing because there was evidence that the Home Improvement fund had revamped scheme and the increased advertising was obviously working.

“However, whilst it is sad to see the scheme close so quickly it does mean that with around £120 million in vouchers now in the market place there should be plenty of opportunities for Green Deal installers.”

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) launched the GDHIF in June. The scheme offered customers installing energy efficient measures significant savings via cashback vouchers.
Within the first six weeks of the scheme opening DECC said more than 12,000 households in England and Wales had applied for vouchers - representing more than £43 million of a projected £120 available for this year.

The government has since said it will consider re-opening the scheme if it turns out that the vouchers that have been applied for are not used.

NICEIC was recently named certification body of the year at the Green Deal & Eco Awards. It currently maintains a register of more than 1000 authorised Green Deal installers.
“We have consulted with our registered installers and will be sending the feedback on to DECC,” added Dani.


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