Monday, 29 September 2014

Power out after electrical manhole cover blown off by explosion in West Molesey

A electrical manhole exploded in Balmoral Crescent, West Molesey at about 4am (17th Sept).

The explosion was related to an electrical unit in the road that was thrown into the air with the force of the blast.

A firefighter from Esher said: "People had seen fires coming out of the ground."

No one was hurt, and the firefighters were called to the scene but did not take any action because when they arrived the situation was under control.

A spokesman for UK Power Networks said: “UK Power Networks would like to apologise to 140 customers in the Balmoral Crescent area of West Molesey who are currently without electricity supplies.

“At 4.20am today (September 17), we received a call from the fire service about a fault on our underground distribution network. In order for our engineers to work on repairs as safely and as quickly as possible, we had to interrupt supplies to 27 customers at 5.20am, 38 at 6.43am, 49 at 6.48am and a further 26 a minute later.

Network overloaded?

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