Saturday, 7 September 2013

US and UK 'crack online encryption'

US and UK intelligence have reportedly cracked technology used to encrypt internet services such as online banking, medical records and email

Disclosures by leaker Edward Snowden allege the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK's GCHQ are hacking key online security protocols.

The encryption techniques targeted are used by popular internet services such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

The NSA is said to spend $250m (£160m) a year on the top secret program.

It is codenamed Bullrun, an American civil war battle, according to the documents published by the Guardian in conjunction with the New York Times and ProPublica.

The British counterpart program is called Edgehill, after the first major engagement of the English civil war, say the documents.

even more reason for proper controls to be put in place for both government employees and contractors.

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