Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Electric car turf war

A long time ago, before Michael Jackson was dead, in the song Black Or White Lyrics he sung. ... It's A Turf War On A Global Scale I'd Rather Hear Both Sides Of The Tale See, It's Not About Races Just Places Faces

well apparently its now not about Black Or White its about EV's clogging up the Bus lanes in Oslo

Commuters using public transport in the Norwegian capital Oslo are quickly losing patience with electric car drivers, undermining the city’s reputation as utopia for the EV.

Generous incentives for electric car buyers have seen a boom in sales of the Nissan LEAF and Tesla Model S in Norway, with more than 10% of new cars sold now powered by electrons instead of hydrocarbons. Almost incredibly, at one point last year the Tesla outsold any other car, while the LEAF regularly out-sells the Volkswagen Golf. Sales of the BMW i3, Peugeot iOn, and Volkswagen e-up! are also strong.

Reasons for buying an electric car range from enormous financial incentives to free parking, but the most highly valued perk is access to Oslo’s bus lanes. The city is heavily congested, particularly during rush hour when the bus lanes become something of a saviour for stressed Norwegians.

With the majority of the country’s 25,000+ electric vehicles taking advantage of this incentive, however, the bus lanes themselves are beginning to suffer from congestion, infuriating bus drivers and people commuting using public transport.

The Busses face a daily battle to keep stick to his timetable, often failing = Missed timetable targets

Well I never...

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