Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hackers are the bad guys! Right?

There is a tinge of irony that the best guys a IT intelligence are in fact the hackers.

The former "leader" of hacking group LulzSec has helped the FBI stop more than 300 cyber attacks since his arrest on hacking charges in 2011.

The co-operation of Hector Xavier Monsegur has helped to prevent losses of millions of dollars, according to court documents filed by prosecutors.

Mr Monsegur will be sentenced on Tuesday for his role in major online hacking attacks.
Prosecutors have recommended that he receives a reduced sentence.

LulzSec was formed in approximately May 2011 when Mr Monsegur - also known as Sabu - and five other members of the Anonymous hacking movement joined forces.

According to the documents filed with the court the group was responsible for "major hacks" into and "thefts" from computer servers belonging to companies including Fox Television, Nintendo and Sony.

Mr Monsegur was arrested in June 2011 and pleaded guilty, as part of a co-operation agreement with the US government, to nine counts related to computer hacking, amongst others.

Because of Hackers the FBI say they were able to identify, prosecute and convict the "number one cybercriminal target in the world"

He also helped prevent major hacking attacks that were being planned by active cybercriminals.

this dark world needs the inside track, and a billion other agents cant match a man with the right contacts. so in the end, it all comes down to people.

Most big systems don't even know their about vulnerabilities. The most important systems are NOT military intelligence, its the Power and Water. Those going down would do a lot more damage.

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