Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Nick Clegg and the different points of view from the press on EV

The Mirror opened with Nick Clegg branded a hypocrite for not driving an electric car - despite pushing new scheme, whereas the Telegraph has a slightly more balanced headline with Nick Clegg: Electric cars aren't suitable for my family

The Mirror article leads with After saying that eco motors are no longer an inconvenience, the dad-of-three deputy Prime Minister claims none on the market are big enough for his family vs the Telegraph "The Deputy Prime Minister says that electric cars are 'not quite right' for him despite launching £500 million project aimed at getting more people to buy them "

the different tone in the articles really shows the ethos behind the papers..

can you guess which one is from which paper???

Nick Clegg has been branded a hypocrite for not driving an electric car.
The Deputy PM posed with the latest models as they launched a £500million scheme to make more people use the green vehicles earlier this week.

The Liberal Democrat chief claimed then that the eco motors were no longer an “inconvenience”.
But the dad-of-three has now admitted that none of them were large enough for his family.

Mr Clegg was challenged over his failure to practice what he preaches on his weekly LBC radio phone-in.

A listener named Graham said in an email: "You are extolling the virtues of electric cars Mr Clegg. Why is your official car and probably your private car not an electric one?
"Is this a case of do as I say, not as I do?"

Mr Clegg protested that his Government car could not be electric for security reasons.

vs this from the opposing publisher.

Nick Clegg has admitted that electric cars are unsuitable for ordinary families, just days after announcing a £500 million investment in green vehicles.

The Deputy Prime Minister, who has three children, has been accused of hypocrisy after admitting he does not drive an electric vehicle because manufacturers do not produce “family-sized, people carrier cars”.

It comes days after he said that “owning an electric car is no longer a dream or an inconvenience” and pledged hundreds of millions to encourage people to use the vehicles.

Experts told The Telegraph that there were electric cars and “plug in” hybrid cars that would suit the needs of the Cleggs.

Asked why he did not buy an electric car to replace his old Ford Galaxy the Deputy Prime Minister said: “As far as my own personal car, as it happens I would love to buy an electric car if they produced more of the family size, people carrier kinds.”

Dr Ben Lane, the director of Next Green Car, said it was a “myth” that families had to sacrifice space when they choose to buy a greener car and that Mr Clegg could “definitely manage” in many of the electric cars on the market.

Options for the Deputy Prime Minister include a Mitsubishi SUV, a Volvo estate car and a Toyota Prius which are all designed for larger families. Electric versions of two of the UK’s most popular cars – the Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Golf – are also available.

Watch this space to see if the papers bully him into forking out a small fortune just for having the right outlook

I am not sure who or if anyone did brand Mr Clegg a hypocrite other than a self righteous  press. Balanced journalism or pointless banter. you make your mind up. it was obviously a low news day.

how was your bank holiday weekend?

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